How to clear your Cache

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How to clear your Cache

Post  Administrator on Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:06 am

How to - Clear the cache in -
FireFoxInternet ExploreGoogle Chrome

Clearing the browsers cache can solve a bunch of display or login-problems.

Browsers store the content of a website in their cache, to avoid loading
images or other content again the next time you visit this site.
This is speeding up your web browsing, but can sometimes lead to "obsolete"
pages (when the browser still prefers accessing content from the cache
instead of loading updated content).

Clearing the cache would force a browser to download the content again to display an up-to-date page.

Below are some instructions on how to clear the cache in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
If you are using another browser, search in the help files or browse through the options or settings.

If you have some experience with a yet unlisted browser, you are invited to write a short tutorial
for it so we could update this thread.

Like a Star @ heaven Two methods are available here, the first one being the most simple and the
fastest one to clear your entire cache.
Just hit "Ctrl   Shift   Del" on your keyboard.

A window will appear that allows you to clear private browser data.

Like a Star @ heaven One of the options you can select here is "Cache", so be sure you have marked this box before confirming the deletion.
This option is also available in the "Tools" tab in your main menu (clear private data).

Like a Star @ heaven If you have a site opened while doing this, don't forget to refresh it.

Like a Star @ heaven The next option is very easy as well, just refresh the page with "Ctrl  
F5". This method, however, does not clear the entire cache, but only for the current active page.

Internet Explorer
Like a Star @ heaven In the main menu, select "Tools" and then "Internet Options".

Like a Star @ heaven Stay on the General-tab and click the button "Delete" in the section "Browsing History" - as seen in the screenshot above.

Like a Star @ heaven You will now see a list with options to delete private and temporary data.

Like a Star @ heaven Click the button on the very top - Temporary Internet Files - and confirm the deletion afterwards.

Google Chrome
Like a Star @ heaven Below your close button on your browser you will see a wrench.

Click the wrench.

Like a Star @ heaven Click Options

Like a Star @ heaven Click Under the Hood Tab

Like a Star @ heaven Click Clear Browsing Data

Like a Star @ heaven Make sure you have everything clicked like this picture

Like a Star @ heaven Once you have everything clicked clear browsing data

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